Wednesday, 16 June 2010

This is all about FuaD Hasan.

I am FuaD. My full name is Fuad Hasan Emon. By birth i'm Bangladeshi. My birth place is Khulna. Now I am studying in Khulna for completing my HONS in Finance & Banking.
Though I am not a student of science but I like. In my commerce background I feel much interest in technology. Technology surrounded us. Recently I've competed my NETWORK ENGINEERING COURSE from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology. I've completed computer hardware "A+" from PENTASOFT Ltd. And a office course in Bangladesh Computer Council, (BCC). Now I am trying to learn HTML. Its not so easy, but I think,if i completed in CISCO then I can study myself. I belive I can. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.
This is my first blog in my life. I am not a diary user. I can't write diary daily. I am book warm. I like detective book a lot. I am very much fond of traveling. I have visited most of the historical place in my country. My favorite band is MILES. To be frankly I've lost some moments in my life. Also some friends. I wouldn't got them..My school and my college life was better from now..

And am I...I am always vegabond, but one thing, I can tell you, I could done good at a lot of thing to others. I am trying to enjoy the present. I always make my surroundings happy and try to good thing for them. No future plan. I always support my interest. This interest drag me to the Engineer.

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