Saturday, 23 October 2010

boring msg Interactive Service detection on win-7

what is boring message i hadn't see it.
here is the solution..
go run>write down there "service.msc"
here you will found interactive service detection :)
press I for quick search.
First its mood is "enable" for what showing this kind of boring message.

Now right click & goes to properties

Start up type : need to disable.
apply and ok
and reboot.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Network +

Tracert is a command-line utility that was designed to provide a very basic task, to determine the path taken by a data packet to reach its destination. It also can be helpful in determining at what point a network connection is no longer active. It can also helpful to troubleshooting issues around responds times. Tracert function by sending out ICMP echo packet to destination specified by either an IP address or host name. Let's work...:)
You cant a particular web site on the internet. Just you able to hit certain web sites consistently, other users being to notice that they are unable to connect tothe same web sites that you are seeing a problem with.
TRACERT hostname
TRACERT ipaddress
c:\> tracert
tracert route to workstation {}
over maximum of 30 hops:
1 1ms 1ms 1ms WORKSTATION {}
tracert complete.
after that, you may notice the following entry show up on one of the routers along the way.
c:\>netstat -d
this utility found at what point the problem is being caused.
by using -h option with tracert, you can specify the maximum number of hops.
c:\>tracert -d -h 15
if you notice that time out value, you can raise the value. You notice that after raising the value that remote computer are responding. if not, this could indicated the you have a bandwidth problem.
if you use -j option that option can be used to force the outbound datagram to pass through a specific router and back.
c:\>tracert -j router name/local computer (this command may not in your modem. Its additional options and functionality make it a powerful tool.

Netstat displays information about the virtual circuits, the network interfaces, and how they are being used. By default netstat list a protocal type, local address and port number, remote address and information. This info provide you to explains what connection are open and what are in progress. To view active connection
c:\>netstat -n
if you want to update need every 10 second the command will
c:\>netstat -a 10
ctrl+C (to close it)
netstat -a command show ypu to server connection.
c:\>netstat -e (this option can show the interface statistic)
what you are receive and what you are send.
C:\>netstat -s (this indicate the routing table) TCP, UDP, ICMP
use only -p option to filter the TCP or UDP protocol.
c:\>netstat -r (routing table)

NAT overload/PAT

w8..see more